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Payant Insurance Solutions - Medicare Plans

How to Decide on your Medicare Plan?

Paper or plastic? Ketchup or mustard? Wake up early or sleep in?

Every day, we're faced with a multitude of choices-- some simpler than others. If you're a senior, the choices also extend to your health insurance. When choosing an insurance plan for life after age 65, you have the option of Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Payant Insurance Solutions, LLC can help demystify your options and help you reach the right decision. Payant Insurance Solutions helps seniors throughout the area evaluate their Medicare choices so they can carefully choose Medicare plans that best suit their unique needs. Our Medicare specialist, Marcie Maisonet, is a licensed and certified health insurance agent who has been assisting the Tampa Bay community with their health insurance options for over 14 years

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Payant Insurance Solutions Team - Medicare Plans

Marcie Maisonet

Medicare Specialist

Marcie Maisonet is a Licensed and Certified Health Insurance Agent who is born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area. She has been assisting the Tampa Bay community with their health insurance needs for over 15 years. Marcie has served on...

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Payant Insurance Solutions LLC, and Marcie Maisonet are not affiliated with SagePoint Financial, Inc.

Payant Insurance Solutionsoffered through RTI Insurance Services

Home, Auto, and Business Insurance

At RTI Insurance Services, our mission is to be the clear choice in insurance providers for both individuals and businesses due to our professionally tailored products, services, and overall contribution to the community. We have been upholding the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility to our clients for over 30 years!

We differentiate ourselves from other companies by our comprehensive service delivery, local presence, skilled staff, and unparalleled knowledge of the various markets. With this edge, we love to compete for new clients and we believe that this competition exhibits our
unwavering desire to meet our clients' needs. We use our passion and expertise to help clients, as well as prospective clients, navigate the marketplace to find the best options available.

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Payant Insurance Solutions Team

Alicia Mendiola

RTI Insurance Services Representative

Alicia is a 15 year insurance industry veteran, and holds a 2-20 general lines agent’s license.She has been affiliated with RTI Insurance Services since 2008. She is a Florida native and has lived here herentire life. In her free...

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RTI Insurance Services and Alicia Mendiola are not affiliated with SagePoint Financial, Inc.

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